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Best In Class EHS and Sustainability Solutions

Thank you for joining us at Impact 2024 to learn more about our featured, best-in-class solutions and helping to shape what’s next during our innovation workshops. Learn more about our featured solutions below or request more information-we’d love to connect with you.

Safety, Environmental, & Occupational Health​

Corrective Action Management (CAPA) | Action Tracking System​

Simplify corrective action processes & build accountability in your team.

Creating a culture of safety and responsibility can be easy with the effective management of corrective actions to drive assignment ownership and accountabilityAction Tracking System streamlines corrective action management and follow-up processes with powerful analytics to identify opportunities for improvement throughout your EHS, sustainability, quality, and responsible sourcing programs. 

Drive overall corrective action assignment ownership and accountability.

View responsibilities for assignments and completions across your entire team.

Communicate assignment details via automated email notifications.

Log & define corrective actions, set and achieve closure targets, and mine data to trend for insights and systemic issues with advanced charting and reporting.

Task & Obligation Management | Compliance Calendar​

Experience the confidence of comprehensive regulatory compliance assurance.

Get the stability and security you need to manage each of your regulatory compliance obligations with a digital platform to plan ahead and stay on track of your commitmentsOur Compliance Calendar tool allows you to stay up to date with regulatory and business priorities by scheduling tasks, defining actions required, and tracking frequency and closure—ensuring 100% on-time execution of your tasks. 

Log, assign, and track regulatory compliance needs through a single, intuitive interface.

Standardize compliance management and maintain an institutional memory of regulatory task completion.

Schedule unique & recurring tasks with ease – from upcoming inspections to routine maintenance.

View performance and completion status via powerful charting and reporting capabilities.

Employee Safety Reporting | Concern Reporting​

Manage employee safety-related concerns and near misses to resolve issues.

Do you need a powerful, all-in-one tool to track your concern and near miss incidentsSeamlessly report and resolve issues to drive corrective actions and identify trends to reduce and eliminate future occurrences with Concern Reporting, an open access tool for employees to quickly report concerns and enable concern investigation and corrective action assignments. 

Empower employees to report concerns or near misses observed across diverse work environments—even offline—from desktop or with mobile.

Send automatic notifications to site or department leadership for concern follow-up.

Utilize escalation capabilities to ensure proper investigation and corrective actions.

Leverage charting & reporting features to identify trends and leading indicators.

Incident Management

Efficiently manage injuries & incidents (events) to minimize risk.

Protecting your organization’s employees is a top priority. With Benchmark Gensuite’s Incident Tracking Software, you can establish a standardized approach to incident reporting and investigation, reducing workplace incidents while ensuring regulatory compliance. 

Seamlessly report, follow up, and investigate environmental, health & safety, quality, and security incidents.

Real-time incident notifications to key team members to drive accountability and closure.

Provide Root Cause Analyses (RCA) to identify trends and prevent future occurrences.

A repository of non-work-related incidents for complete site and employee injury and illness records​.

Best-practice metrics, KPIs, leading and lagging indicators for compliance and comprehensive program management.

H&S, Environmental Inspection Program | Inspection Tool​

The only tool you need to conduct and manage workplace inspections.

It’s time to replace your paper-based inspections with a digital solution that allows you to conduct, assign, and track all your workplace inspections in one central platformUse Benchmark Gensuite’s Inspection Tool throughout your entire inspection process, from creating custom checklists to trending site findings to identify common issues and mitigate risks. 

Create inspection checklists customized to each site’s program or process.

Assign inspection frequency & responsibility across a site, including automatic email reminders.

Track in-progress, missed, and completed inspections in one centralized location with real-time dashboard capabilities, scoring, and charts to trend results and identify common issues.

Leverage Mobile to scan barcodes and QR codes for quick access to routine equipment or area specific inspections.

Management of Change | MOC Manager​

Built to improve the change process for your teams.

Establish a standardized change management process and mitigate risks related to organizational and operational change with Benchmark Gensuite’s MOC ManagerStreamline the management of compliance and process safety and functional risks arising from facility, equipment, and process changes to create smoother transitions for your organization. 

Manage complex & simple business changes by submitting change requests with varying questionnaires and checklists.

Share responsibilities within an appointed change management committee and assign key roles prior to project execution.

Communicate change status via automatic email notifications.

Track change progress from concept request to approval, through execution & follow-up phases.

Compliance Training | My LMS & Training Tracker​

Simplify compliance training.

Ensure your teams stay up to date with regulatory compliance and organizationally mandated training requirements with a flexible and automated learning management solutionSchedule assignments, provide access to curated and customized online training content and facilitated training sessions, and track course completion. 

Boost employee engagement with a user-friendly, employee-centric Learning Management dashboard to initiate required training and development courses.

Access your management portal for real-time visibility into training details across your organization, with automated alerts when they are past due.

Easily assign courses on a one-time or ongoing basis, with options to administer on-line or facilitate in-classroom.

Build and upload customized on-line training content using content authoring tools.

Detect trends and ensure course completion for organizational and/or regulatory requirements with built-in reporting capabilities.

Behavior Based Safety | Safety Observations​

Enable real-time improvements and promote safe employee behaviors.

How can you proactively manage workplace safety and prevent accidents before they happenEngage your teams in workplace safety practices with Benchmark Gensuite’s Safety Observation toolDevelop and measure leading indicators for safety improvements and drive accident prevention by enabling employees to quickly record and data mine behavior-based safety observations. 

Manage a standard list of applicable behaviors and conditions by risk category for trained observers.

Establish a roster of active observers with assigned targets & forms for observations.

Access easy-to-use observation forms, with options to record barriers and feedback on both desktop and Mobile.

Record notes, include photos, and track follow-up on a single platform.

Identify safety program improvement opportunities and take action with integrated analytics.

SDS System

Simplify hazard communications and the management of workplace chemicals.

Ensure up to date chemical and product constituent information and compliance with chemical hazard communication requirements with SDS System, an all-in-one digital repository of safety data sheets (SDSs) and chemical management platform.   

Access an up-to-date repository of 200,000+ SDSs, with Globally Harmonized System (GHS) content for over 120,000 chemical products.

Easily search for SDSs on desktop or Mobile, with key SDS content transcribed and consistently formatted.

Quickly print container and shipping labels, integrated with Avery Design & Print Wizard, including precautionary & hazard statements.

Streamline new chemical and product requests and approvals with intuitive and configurable chemical approval workflows.

Sustainability & Disclosure Reporting​

Disclosure Director

Your ultimate partner in streamlining sustainability / ESG performance.

Looking for a streamlined way to manage your company’s sustainability and ESG initiatives? Look no further than Disclosure Director! Our all-in-one solution is designed with your needs in mind, making your sustainability and ESG journey efficient and impactful. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple platforms and tools and say hello to a more seamless experience with Disclosure Director. 

Manage your sustainability and ESG program, people, and investment-grade data with ease.

Stay up to date with voluntary and regulatory frameworks (GRI, SASB, CDP, TCFD, EU CSRD, U.S. SEC, BRSR).

Easily respond to internal and external requests by leveraging your repository of finalized disclosure statements.

Automate sustainability and ESG data collection from numerous enterprise IT systems with Benchmark’s Data Xchange Program (DXP) Integrator (ERP systems, HR systems, etc.).

Sustainability Reporting​

Elevate your operational sustainability data collection and performance tracking.

Streamline your sustainability initiatives and drive meaningful improvements with Sustainability Reporting software from Benchmark Gensuite. Our award-winning cloud-based platform provides sustainability leaders with transparency into their company’s energy usage, resource consumption, carbon footprint, and costs. 

Collect and monitor all your site sustainability metrics in a centralized platform.

Simplify data collection with automatic data feeds from any third-party system, including utility invoicing systems, data aggregation systems, and more.

Ensure accuracy and consistency with industry-standard emission calculations and reporting.

Visualize and measure usage trends and progress towards goals with powerful analytics and reporting.

Disclosure Tracking | Responsio

Navigating sustainability and ESG disclosure response management with confidence

As the number, complexity, and scope of disclosure requests continue to increase exponentially, Responsio offers an organized and efficient way to manage your response obligations. Responsio streamlines your response process, fosters cross-functional collaboration, and ensures your sustainability and ESG disclosure responses are delivered with assurance and traceability. Say goodbye to ad-hoc management, spreadsheets, missed deadlines, and lost emails! 

Manage disclosure requests, collaborate, and track deadlines effortlessly with a centralized dashboard.​

Integrate with Benchmark Gensuite® Disclosure Director to e​nhance teamwork and cross-functional collaboration.

Safeguard documents and maintain organized records with secure storage & record-keeping.

Oversee response progress and effortlessly manage drafts and final version with capabilities to review, approve, and publish.

Boost performance with insightful analytics and real-time reporting.

Ensure transparency, track changes, and stay updated on Sustainability/ESG regulations for audit and compliance assurance.​

AI & Advanced Technologies​

Risk Management | Risk AI Advisor​

Empower data-driven decisions with cutting-edge AI for workplace safety

The fully integrated AI solution that helps you continuously monitor incoming data streams for expedited risk identification & trending. With Risk AI Advisor, you can pinpoint top risks associated with significant occurrences and precursors in seconds, enabling you to make data-driven decisions on crucial workplace safety issues.  

Pinpoint top risks and key risk precursors with cutting-edge AI technology.​

Leverage Tableau reports to breakdown large data sets and identify top risks​.

Enable data-driven decision-making on crucial workplace safety issues​.

Receive real-time push notifications on records that trigger an AI alert via the Benchmark Mobile app.​

Provide visibility to precursors and trending operational risks​.

Quality & Operational Risk​

Quality Event Management​

Quickly report & capture precise data for quality events.

Seamlessly report, follow up and investigate quality with Benchmark Gensuite ®’s unified Event Management featuring flexible internal, external quality reporting, AI-enabled non-conformance follow-up and dynamic reporting. 

Record & manage a variety of quality events from quality escapes to customer complaints with a dynamic data entry form​.

Conduct investigation and root cause analysis (RCA) using embedded robust data-mining tools such as 8D, Digital Fishbone, and 5 Why​.

Analyze trends, rates, & KPIs using scalable data reporting, charting, and metric calculations.

Extend your corrective action and risk mitigation plans further with escalations to additional application modules such as Action Tracking System and Digital Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)​.

Integrate with 3rd party systems such as ERPs and internal business systems to exchange customer, supplier, product etc. data points to support program lifecycle​.

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